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Hello, We are in the process of building a PEB structure in over 2 acre area and contemplating if its a good idea to operate and run it too instead of giving on lease for warehousing. Any professionals here who can help us with automation and software side of the business. Basically would like to know what are some of the popular software that are reliable and come at a reasonable cost. Any ideas are welcome…… Looked up on the internet and did find a few softwares that seem to do the work but could not find any reviews from users, if anyone can share their first hand experience would be great…

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    Hello Jayesh,
    I am Rohit Revanna , contacting you on behalf of Metamor Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru.

    Metamor’s WMS software provides the staff and managers with all the information that is required for efficient control and tracking of stock in a warehouse.
    It Integrates Consignee, Consigner and External warehouses.

    Software has following features
    1) Masters Capture all your Products,consignee,Cosigner,External warehouse, Transporters, UOM, Address Details with PIN code automation
    2) Inwards: Capture daily Inwards by entering in software or Bar-code scanning
    3) Outwards: Enter outwards based on invoices, select items from inventory enter quantity, rest all auto calculated and Inventory updated
    4) Inventory: Current stock,Opening stock,Good, Damaged or Expired stock,Repack Damaged inventory,Safety stock,Stay in control of expiring stock and fulfill orders using a First in First Out (FIFO) logic and Inventory Audit
    5) Reconciliation: Automatic reconciliation from the excel files received from customer and Triggers miss match of items received and sent
    6) Reports: all types of Warehouse Management reports
    7) User Access Control
    8) Centralized W/H: If you have multiple warehouses in different location it brings them together in one software
    9) Access anywhere any device

    Our USP: We customize our WMS according to customer needs

    Our product is trusted by some of the leading brands in multiple industries such as BASF, Sherwin Williams, Valspar, VLogis, VTrans, Valient ms, SupplyExcel.

    If you're interested, our team would like to schedule a online demo for you to explain how MMT's WMS can help in achieving your organizations various KPI's!

    Regards,Rohith RevannaMetamor Technolnogies Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru.M:+91-916-456-0605 | 080 4095-6768rohit.revanna@inteedata.com | www.metamor.co.in