Central Warehouse, Banswara Rajasthan

CWC A Govt. Of India Undertaking offering vacant storage space at CW,Kushalgarh as per the tariff of corporation for note than 200 type commodities ,notified commodities

  • Address: Mor, Rajasthan 327801, India 
  • Price: As per tariff and terms and conditions of corporation 
  • Area: 3400MTs 
  • Plot Size: 3400MT, 24stacks each having 30*20feet having gallary and operational alleways 
  • Phone Number: 7688988168 
  • Loading Bays: Yes 
  • Racking/Pallet Storage: No 
  • Floor Height from Ground: 1 mt 
  • Ceiling height from Floor: 10 mt 
  • City: Mor 
  • State: Rajasthan 
  • Region: North