Warehouse in Raniganj, West Bengal, Shrishti Raniganj square

Raniganj warehouse located at Raniganj Sqaure logistics park on NH-2.

Key Features:
space available 1000 sqft to 40000sqft
40,000 sqaure feet with 7 gates among which 6 are used as Loading Unloading bays and 1 gate used for office entrance.
Plinth level 3.5ft above road level
Cantilever canopy at docking points/bays.
The platform of all the bays length 12ft and breadth 10ft
Transparent sheets on the roof for sufficient light
Steel structure is painted with Apcolcil 605 primer

  • Address: Searsole Rajbari, Raniganj, West Bengal 713358, India 
  • Price: 640000 
  • Area: 40000 
  • Plot Size: 25 acre 
  • Phone Number: 9748723490 
  • Loading Bays: Yes 
  • Racking/Pallet Storage: Yes 
  • Floor Height from Ground: 1 mt 
  • Ceiling height from Floor: 10 mt 
  • City: Raniganj 
  • State: West Bengal 
  • Region: East 

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